5 Tips For Taking Selfies That Don’t Suck


Do you have selfie envy?

Can’t figure out how Instagram models are getting that perfect shot?

With the right camera angle and lighting anyone can take a great selfie. Flawless makeup and the perfect blow out can still fall flat without the right techniques.

Before you hire a professional photographer to document your life, read these tips and give it a try!


1. Come' on baby light my fire...

Lighting can make the biggest difference in any photo. But you don’t need a professional lighting crew to take a great selfie.

Taking selfies in natural lighting is always the best option. Take your phone by an open window or, even better, take the photo outside for indirect natural lighting.

Those harsh fluorescent lights in your office bathroom with probably make you look more like your grandma than Kylie Jenner.

If you must take a photo at night, try using a light that attaches to your phone instead of the flash, unless you’re going for that Halloween/zombie look.

2. Coffee first, then selfies

Try taking selfies early in the day. Not only is the lighting better in the morning but you’ll also be fresh and energized (hopefully).

Early in the day your makeup is fresh, and hair is untouched by wind or rain. Just take a few minutes for coffee first, because, priorities.

3. Smile - This is supposed to be fun right?

Don’t just fake it, smile like you mean it! A natural smile can be seen in the eyes.

Think of something that makes you happy and it will shine through in your photo. Try thinking of those Friday night margaritas instead of that Monday morning meeting.

4. Take a lot of selfies... like a lot.

Instagram models have confessed to taking hundreds of photos to get that perfect selfie.

That might be a little much for just sharing with your friends but the more photos you take, the more options you have.

Try taking the photo at different angles and moving slighting away from or towards the light.

You could even try taking a video and capture the best frame. Bonus - it’ll be easier not to get caught doing a photo shoot in the gym bathroom!

5. Get your glow on, because #Iwokeuplikethis

What selfie would be complete without a glowing complexion? Sure, you could use apps and filters but wouldn’t you rather #nofilter?

A good skincare regimen usually consists of a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and the occasional mud mask.

Use products that are gentle and safe to avoid irritation and redness.

Using a setting spray can help prevent that end-of-the-day face-melting look.



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