Drop Wrinkles & Pimples Like A Bad Habit With These Simple Daily Skincare Routines

Cleansers, serums, toners, masks, moisturizers, and more...



Creating a daily skincare routine that actually makes a difference without breaking the bank can seem daunting and unattainable.


By now you’ve probably bought enough moisturizer to fill your entire bathroom...


We each have our own unique skin types: normal, oily, dry, or that tricky "combination" skin type.


You might be fighting blemishes, fine lines or even both. 😩 


You are not alone, but are the skincare odds just stacked against us?

To squeeze or not to squeeze?  We've all had these moments. More often than we'd like to admit.

With all of the options available out there, it quickly becomes overwhelming when trying choose the right skincare products...

...AND in which order to use the right products to consistently get the best results for your skin.


Let’s break it down together so you know EXACTLY how to construct a:

- Morning,

- Daytime, and

- Nighttime skin care routine 

...that'll reveal your most beautiful youthful skin without needing to get a second job... 

Daily Skincare Routines...From Basic to Beyoncé

beyonce skincare routine
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What's Inside Really Does Matter...

You Wouldn’t Knowingly Eat Formaldehyde Would You?

Check your skin care products for chemicals
Many makeup and skincare products are LOADED with chemicals!

Check your ingredients VERY carefully. You might be shocked to discover that the FDA does not have strict regulations for skincare products.

So it’s really up to you,


The consumer, to make an educated decision about which substances will ultimately end up on your skin.


Unfortunately, without knowing it, women put HUNDREDS of chemicals on their skin each day.

Skincare ingredients - Your pores deserve better!
The ingredients you'll find inside of your favorite skincare products may shock you!


We recommend that you make a mental note to take a CLOSE look at the ingredients of the products that you currently put on your skin to make sure it doesn't contain any harmful substances.

It's best to avoid products with parabens, formaldehyde, fragrances and artificial colors.


If you wouldn’t eat it, you probably don’t want it seeping into your pores.

Skincare Ingredients Matter
Stick with products that use ingredients that mother nature created.

Vegan and cruelty-free is a MUST and organic ingredients are always a plus too!


ALWAYS Use A Cleanser

Yes, Even If You Went To Bed At 5am...

Woman yawning
"I knew I shouldn't have started that new series on Netflix"


Finding a good cleanser is an essential first step in building an effective skincare regimen.


Leaving makeup on at night will clog your pores and age your skin faster.


When you are pulling an all nighter...

Pulling an all-nighter, whether you’re working or dancing the night away, can wreak havoc on your precious skin.


It’s incredibly important to use a good cleanser every night, even when you’re tired!


How To Close Those Pesky Pores

Ever feel like astronauts can probably see your pores from space?

Astronaut sees your pores
Houston, we have a skincare problem...

Toner should always be used after cleansing and can help remove any remaining oil or dirt from pores, making your pores appear smaller.


It can also restore the pH balance of your skin which often becomes unbalanced from soap and the environment.


So be sure to include a soothing facial toner in your daily regimen.


Feeling Like The Crypt Keeper?

Crypt Keeper Needs Serum BADLY!
Hello, my pretty!

We've all had our moments but there is one very effective skin care product that will keep this image from ever popping into your head ever again...


A serum is unique in that it can penetrate the skin to deliver nourishment deep within the epidermis.  


Look for a high quality facial serum with CoQ10.


CoQ10 is essential for preventing signs of aging because it can help stimulate collagen production.


The natural loss of collagen in our bodies causes skin to lose its elasticity which is a main cause of wrinkles and sagging skin.


You may not realize that your body’s natural collagen production starts to diminish as early as your 20s.


It’s never too early to start using a good serum on the daily.


Free Radicals Are Out To Get You! 😱

Are you under attack from free radicals?
Most of us don't realize it but we are ALL under attack each day by free radicals.


Don't worry...ou can easily fight back and win this daily battle.


Look for a natural facial moisturizing cream that will also help protect your skin from free radicals.


Free radicals are hard to avoid and can damage skin causing discoloration and saggy skin.


The good news is that products with antioxidants can help combat them.


When it comes to aging and fine lines, prevention is ALWAYS the best medicine.


Can’t Remember What Water Tastes Like? 

Water splashed on woman's face

It Might Be Time To Hydrate...

Drinking lots of water can help you stay hydrated but there’s more that you can do to keep skin plump and youthful.


Try spraying your skin 2-3 times a day with a mineral mist setting spray to keep skin and makeup looking refreshed.


TIP: It’s especially important in those dry winter months to keep skin hydrated throughout the day.


It Might Look Scary But It’s What's Underneath That Counts

MagikMask - Charcoal black mask - blackhead remover

You may have seen some frightening images of supermodels faces covered in black goo on Instagram.


Yes, there is a reason for this madness.


Charcoal facial masks brighten, exfoliate and detox skin.


Using a black mask 1-2 times a week can really improve the overall appearance of your skin.


So call a girlfriend, break out the mask applicator, light some candles, and start channeling your inner Gisele.


Roll Out The Skin Loving Needles...

Professional Micro Needling with a Derma-Roller

A dermaroller is a skincare device that has many fine needles on one end and a handle on the other.


Microneedling your face on a regular basis will cause the skin the produce higher levels of collagen.


Until now, this process has only been performed by high end spas and dermatologists...


...but now you can use near professional [link to dermaroller] grade derma-rollers in the comfort of your own home to stimulate collagen and other growth factor production.


More collagen production is basically the fountain of youth for your face.


As we age our natural collagen begins to decrease causing an increase in fine lines and wrinkles.


So a high quality derma roller can be a very cost effective way to slow the aging process.


Crow’s Feet, Puffiness, Dark Circles...Oh My!

Velvet Creme™ - Firming & Wrinkle Softening Eye Cream

They say that laugh lines give you character but there are other ways for your personality to shine through.


The skin around your eyes is delicate and wrinkle prevention should start early.


A high quality firming and wrinkle softening eye cream is also soothing and can help eliminate bags or puffiness.


Eye creams are easy to apply quickly and a great way to nourish the sensitive skin around your eyes.



Now that we've covered some of the key facial skin care basics let's dive into the simple daily skincare regimens you can begin using to reveal your natural radiant beauty! 


Simple Daily Skincare Routines


Short on time? You're not alone.

ROUTINE #1 - Your Basic Daily Skincare Routine... 



STEP 1:  Cleanse - Germs from your pillowcase can move to your face as you sleep so we recommend that you do a quick and gentle cleanse in the morning before moisturizing your skin.


STEP 2:  Moisturize - With your face clean you'll want to protect and nourish your skin with a high quality facial cream.


IMPORTANT TIP: If you have sensitive skin and your skin gets red and blotchy after doing your morning cleanse, then skip the cleanse in the morning and just moisturize.



STEP 1:  Cleanse - After a long day at the office, outside running around, or even just hangin at the house, it's best to do a deep cleanse to remove all makeup and impurities that collect on the skin's surface throughout the day.


STEP 2:  Tone - Use a gentle, soothing toner to balance your skins PH level and to remove any remaining oil and traces of dirt and grime missed during your cleanse.


STEP 3:  Moisturize - In the evenings it's time to put on a thick layer of high quality moisturizer all over your face and neck area to make your skin soft and supple while you sleep.


Get the Basic Daily Routine Beauty Bundle here.



Ready to make a commitment to your skin? 


ROUTINE #2 - Your Upgraded Daily Skincare Routine...



STEP 1:  Cleanse - Perform a quick and very soft facial cleanse before toning your morning skin.


STEP 2:  Tone - After your quick cleanse always use a soothing toner to prepare your skin for maximum absorption of your hydrating moisturizer.


STEP 3:  Moisturize - Prepare your skin for the day by applying a fair amount of a high quality moisturizing facial cream to keep your skin hydrated and protect your skin from the impurities of the every day.



ONE STEP:  Moisturize - Keep your moisturizing facial cream close during your day so you can apply a thin layer of additional moisturizer to your face and neck in the middle of your day to keep the skin well hydrated and nourished.



STEP 1: Cleanse - It's time for a deep cleanse to remove makeup and pollutants that accumulated on the skin throughout your day.


STEP 2: Tone - Dab a soothing toner onto a cotton ball and apply to your face and neck. After applying toner, do not dry your skin with a towel just let your skin breathe and air-dry.


STEP 3: Nourish - It's time to supercharge your skin care!  A serum formulated with nourishing ingredients will give your skin the nutrition it needs to thrive.  Using a pea-sized amount of serum, gently massage the serum into your face and neck before moving on to the next step. 


STEP 4: Nourish Eyes - The skin under and around your eyes is the most delicate and needs extra love to keep it firm, nourished, and healthy.  Use your ring finger to dot your eye cream underneath and around your eye.  With a patting motion, blend the cream in. Don't smear or pull the cream around your eye, which could irritate the skin.


STEP 5: Moisturize - Apply a thick layer of high quality moisturizer all over your face and neck area to assist your skin become softened and supple while you sleep.  That's why they call it "beauty rest". 😀


Get the Upgraded Daily Routine Beauty Bundle here.



ROUTINE #3 - Your Supermodel Daily Skincare Routine...



STEP 1:  Cleanse - A very soft and quick cleanse before toning your morning skin will set the stage for your Supermodel routine!


STEP 2:  Tone - Once your facial skin is cleansed use a soothing toner to prepare your skin for applying your nourishing and hydrating moisturizer.


STEP 3: Nourish - A serum will supercharge your skin, enabling it to look and feel youthful through firming and nourishment.  Using a pea-sized amount of serum, gently massage the serum into your face and neck for an amazing feeling and glow. 


STEP 4:  Moisturize - To finish your Supermodel morning regimen apply a fair amount of a high quality moisturizing facial cream to keep your skin hydrated and protected.



STEP 1: Nourish - Apply another layer of serum to continue feeding your skin throughout the day.  Using a pea-sized amount of serum, gently massage the serum into your face and neck for an amazing feeling and glow. 


STEP 2: Moisturize - After you've applied your serum, re-moisturize your skin with a medium amount of moisturizing facial cream.



STEP 1: Cleanse - It's time to remove your makeup and the environmental impurities that naturally build up throughout the day.


STEP 2: ToneBalance your skin's PH by applying your soothing toner to prepare your skin for your nourishing serum.


STEP 3: Nourish - Before you begin stimulating your skin's collagen production in the next step it's important that you lay a foundation of nourishment to maximize your results.  Apply a pea-sized amount of your facial serum and gently massage the serum into your face and neck area. 


STEP 4: Stimulate - Derma rollers have been used by professionals for years to stimulate derma growth factors and collagen production.  Now you can use a derma-roller in your own home to bring new life to your aging skin. (use 2-3 times per week)


STEP 5: Nourish - A high quality serum delivers nourishing ingredients that feeds your skin's natural healing process.  Gently massage a pea-sized amount of serum into your face and neck. 


STEP 6: Nourish Eyes - That delicate skin under and around your eyes need special love to keep it firm, nourished, and healthy.  Use your ring finger (your weakest finger) to dot eye cream underneath and around your eye.  Blend the cream into your skin with a patting motion. To avoid irritating the skin, don't smear or pull the cream around your eyes.


STEP 7: Moisturize - Finish off your Supermodel routine by applying a thick layer of high quality moisturizing facial cream all over your face and neck area to trap all that healing and revitalizing nourishment into your pores while you rest.


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SECRET WEAPON #1 - Peel-Away Charcoal Mask - MagikMask benefits - Use weekly or bi-weekly for best results


SECRET WEAPON #2 - Derma-Roller & Serum - 


SECRET WEAPON #3 - Naked Nourishment & Silky Step - 


Start using one of these three powerful skincare routines and see your natural beauty shine like never before!  

Give Yourself The Gift of Glowing Radiant Beauty Every Day

Natural Radiant Beauty Awaits

Taking care of your skin might seem a bit time consuming but each step only takes a few minutes each day.


Healthier, more youthful skin also means less makeup.


Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and taking care of it is vital for long term health and vitality.


Looking and feeling amazing is a nice bonus too!



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