How To Deal With Stress When You’re About To Lose It

Most people today have to deal with at least the occasional stress from work and life in general.

Working full time, dealing with traffic, trying to navigate the grocery store and keep your home clean all in one day can definitely seem daunting at times.

Unfortunately, many people often choose unhealthy ways to deal with stress which can only make things worse.

Try some of these simple tips instead of reaching for cigarettes, a bottle of wine or eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s by yourself.

Suck At Meditating? Try An App.

You have probably heard of the great benefits of meditation and mindfulness for mental health. So you find a cozy spot and attempt to quiet your mind but suddenly it won’t shut up!

Now all you can think about is how you forgot to get milk at the grocery store.

For an activity that requires you to do nothing, mediation can be pretty difficult. For those of us that need a little extra help, there are tons of great mindfulness apps like Calm and Aura.

These apps often include guided meditation and soothing sounds or music. Pick an app and dedicate 10-20 minutes a day to using it.

Sweat It Out

You may have heard this advice for a cold or a hangover but exercise for stress is no old wives tale. Exercise can help boost those feel-good endorphins.

You might know this as the “runner’s high” but any good form of exercise can help you achieve this warm and fuzzy feeling.

Exercise can also help boost your mood and build confidence. Adding a good workout to a stressful day just might make you forget about your overflowing inbox for a while.

Finally Follow Through With Those Plans You Made To See An Old Friend

We all have busy lives and it’s easy to lose touch with friends and family. Schedule a coffee date with a friend and catch up.

Enjoying someone’s company and having a good laugh can help to relieve stress. It may also help to have someone to talk to when you feel stressed.

Take A Break From Netflix And Try A Good Old Fashioned Book

Do you often find yourself sitting in front of the TV, browsing for a show for an hour only to scroll through your phone when you hit play?

A detox from electronics can be helpful from time to time. When was the last time you read a good book?

Getting lost in a good work of fiction or reading a book to learn something new can be rewarding. Put your stressful day out of your mind for an hour or two without distractions.

This can also be a great activity to do before bed.

Stop Procrastinating

Doing more work when you’re stressed might not seem helpful but putting off tasks isn’t either. Staying up late to work on an assignment that’s due the next day will probably cause unnecessary stress.

Take a step back and make a to-do list, it always feels good to cross things off that list.

Take it one step at a time and try to find ways to manage your time wisely.


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