Natural Skincare Products Will Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy


Knowing that your skincare products were never tested on cute little animals?

That’s a game changer.

It might make you feel safe knowing that the ingredients are gentle enough for your skin without needing to be tested on animals.

Magik Skincare is Cruelty Free & Vegan

Avoid parabens, phthalate, artificial colors and fragrances. Harsh chemicals can damage your skin and possibly your body.

You might think that in today’s world, cosmetic and skincare companies are no longer testing on animals.

Unfortunately, there still are many big beauty brands that haven’t made the switch to cruelty free. Look for the cruelty free logo and if a brand doesn’t have it, reach out and let them know you’d prefer to see it on their packaging or website.


You’ll Feel More Like You’re In A Rainforest Than An Acid Bath

It’s no secret that plants have some powerful benefits when you eat them. Yes, your skin can benefit too!

The amount of unpronounceable chemicals in many skincare products might make you a little dizzy. What even is a phthalate anyway?

Studies are starting to find that some ingredients in beauty products can have negative effects on your immune system, reproductive and nervous systems.

Natural botanicals have free radicals that can combat the signs of aging and protect your skin.


What? Most Other Brands Only...

Most other brand skin care products are actually largely made up of water. The water usually evaporates quickly and can strip your skin of its natural oils.

Why pay for a product that’s mostly water?

Natural skincare products often have a base of something that will nourish your skin all day like coconut oil or aloe.

Most popular brands add ingredients for marketing purposes or to extend the shelf life of the product. Unfortunately, those ingredients are either useless for helping your skin or can even be harmful.

Why buy a product with ingredients that do the opposite of what you want?


You Won’t Hear People Saying “Who Took A Bath In Perfume?”

Most skincare companies add fragrances to their products.

Not great for sensitive skin OR sensitive noses.

Fragrances are added to make a product seem more appealing to consumers. They have no real purpose in a skincare product and can actually irritate skin causing dryness, redness and even break outs.


Mother Nature Just Might Thank You Too.

If you think all of those chemicals are bad for you, think about what you’re sharing with the rest of the world.

Every time you take a shower, many of the chemicals are making their way down the drain and back into the environment.


Using natural skincare products is something you can feel good about. Your skin will look better, animals will be safer and the environment will be cleaner. It’s kind of a win-win!



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