About Us


In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to get lost and, over time, life can become painfully unfulfilling.

The Magik happens the moment you realize that you were made with love.

Your inner beauty is waiting to be revealed by radiating the glowing love within you. Together, we unify your inner and outer beauty to support you on your unique journey.

With loving intention, we’ve combined Earth’s purest, natural ingredients with the latest technology to awaken your life’s true potential.

At Magik Skincare, see the difference between your everyday skincare routine and one that changes your life.




Magik Skincare's mission is to empower you by unifying your inner and outer beauty because this will enable you to awaken your life's true potential.




Always cruelty-free & vegan.



 Our “Aha” Moment

After getting blessed news about their first pregnancy, Mark (founder) was shocked to see his wife & mother-to-be, Genet, dumping piles of skincare and cosmetic products in the trash...

With the new baby on the way, Genet only wanted healthy & all-natural products to use on and in her body.

This was the “Aha” moment.

Their baby was made with love, and so should any products that's applied to the largest organ, our skin.

Thus, Magik Skincare was born and has now exploded on the skincare scene with loving intention.

We’ve combined Earth’s purest, all-natural ingredients with the latest technology to awaken your life’s true potential.



Our Ethos

  • Diversity builds strength.
    • In directing MAGIK Skincare’s path towards a bright future, embracing diversity through conscious respect for different cultures and abilities from our customers, business partners and employees will build the strength to attain our mission.
  • Delivering excellence.
    • Establishing a continual commitment to a tradition of excellence by delivering the “best of the best” solutions for beauty and wellness that enrich our customer’s minds and lives.
  • Innovation breeds empowerment.
    • Purpose and enthusiasm drives MAGIK Skincare’s passion for successful innovation to not only to meet our customer’s expectations, but also to go beyond.


The Malibu Beach Lifestyle...

Spending decades in the Malibu, California area there is one thing you notice when you visit Malibu's pristine beaches on a warm sunny day...  Lots of grinning faces :)

MAGIK Skincare's mission each day is to bring together the best fresh, natural ingredients from around this amazing planet and combine it with the latest technology so you can enjoy one-of-a-kind skin care products that enables your true radiant beauty to be seen.

We believe that you and your skin deserve the best. That's why we only use the highest quality ingredients available to create life-changing products for you.

Our facilities comply with the highest standards to ensure that every product you use brings the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, without compromise.

For too long, the industry has focused on profits and shelf life over delivering products that truly make an impact for you and your skin.

When you use what nature intended in its purest form on your skin, then your radiant beauty will shine bright.

Here at MAGIK Skincare®, we strive each day to empower you to show the world your natural radiant beauty!




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